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Diet gaming laptops for casual Witcher 3 gameplay

There were times when new Microsoft Windows version required you to upgrade your whole PC. Nowadays newer Windows versions require less resources and don't really force into upgrades. In 2015 something did required some GPU upgrades, it wasn't Windows 10 but Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

So what if you want to play Witcher 3 on a Laptop. You don't want to use/buy a gaming PC, Xbos or Playstation or a full blown gamin Laptop. What are the options for cheapest laptops that can run Witche 3 at somewhat good, but not high settings?

Squashing and optimizing migrations in Django

With Django 1.7 we got built in migrations and a management command to squash a set of existing migrations into one optimized migration - for faster test database building and to remove some legacy code/history. Squashing works, but it still has some rough edges and requires some manual work to get the best of a squashed migration. Here are few tips for squashing and optimizing squashed migrations.

Performance of AMD A8 APU on Xubuntu 15.04 with radeon and fglrx drivers

AMD can't compete with Intel in the field of raw performance in general, but it gets interesting when you look at some specific price ranges or product types. You can find AMD chips in some laptops offering decent CPU and good GPU performance. There are also affordable mini-ITX boards for AMD APUs that can compete with Intel Bay Trail boards.

How does AMD based computer (a EliteBook 725 G2 laptop in this case) performs on modern Linux distribution? What is the difference between open radeon and close-source fglrx graphics driver? Is the user experience as good as with Intel or Intel+nVidia based laptops?

Simple Django applications for writing Facebook applications and authentication

Creating Facebook applications or integrating websites with Facebook isn't complex or very time consuming. In case of Django there is for example very big django-facebook package that provides a lot of Facebook related features.

Pozytywnie.pl, a company I work with released a set of small applications that were used internally to make Facebook applications as well as Facebook authentication integrations. In this article I'll showcase those applications.

Astrophotography on a Teclast X80h tablet running Windows 8.1 on a classical x86_64 Intel CPU

Tablets based on x86_64 Intel CPUs and running Windows 8 are quite interesting group of devices. They aren't as popular as iPads or Android devices, they don't have as many apps, but they can run any app you can run on PC/Laptop with the same MS Windows. This can allow some mobile use of some hardware that uses Windows software. For example astrophotography is very Windows oriented so making Windows mobile could allow mobile astrophotography.

I've decided to test a cheap Chinese Teclast X80h tablet for use in astrophotography.

Example Ember.js + Django + Django Rest Framework single-page application

Ember.js is one of JavaScript frameworks for creating interactive single page web applications. Pages may change but the browser doesn't reload the page. This framework has some similarities with Django and can be good pick to start with such frontend applications for Django developers with some JavaScript knowledge.

In this article I'll show you an example Django + Django Rest Framework + Ember.js application. Classical posts and categories done in Ember and in Django for comparison.