SSH server on Android - remote access to your green robot device

You can login via SSH on a server. You can do that also for an Android device - phone, tablet or a HDMI/TV Android dongle. Just install a SSH server and you can connect to your device using SSH or SFTP - transfer files or execute commands from the shell. In this article I'll go through installing one of SSH servers on Android and using SSH connection to do handy things on the device.

App enlight - log aggregation and application health monitoring service

App enlight, a Polish startup known as errormator in the past is a application-service that logs and aggregates you application health. Like for example Sentry can log exceptions and logs (like from logging module) then App Enlight does much more by hooking to the internals of the application - you will get executed SQLs, template rendering time, slow responses and more. So let us take a closer look on current app enlight features...

Creating web applications with Django and ember.js tutorial gets an update for latest ember.js version

My tutorial about creating ember.js applications with Django got updated to the latest ember.js version and the source code got published on github.

I'm planning to write more about this framework soon, as now I'm spending a lot of time working with ember and Django, django-rest-framework and other interesting libraries. Aside of that I still have some topics on my ToDo list - Facebook apps related packages (future; when they get published), more Python + electronics tutorials, and Django/Python related (like checking Cherokee server or testing AppEnlight). What you find most interesting?

What is better - short exposures with high gain or longer exposures with lower gain?

Ultrafast planetary imaging is a topic that gets more and more popular when new ultrafast planetary cameras enter the market. Some may thing that recording at speeds faster than 100 FPS could be a big advantage over more common 60-30 FPS speed ranges. Lets take a closer look at such imaging - at very high gain with very short exposures at high framerates.

django-content-bbcode - advanced BBCode alike tags parser for Django

Today I've released on Github one of my applications - django-content-bbcode. The parser code is used on my sites and I've decided to refactor it (it's quite old), add some new features (like the tag loader) and release it to the public. There is also pypi package for it.

In short django-content-bbcode allows you to replace BBCode alike tags in text (like in articles, news) with whatever you code in Python. I use it to highlight code snippets (with pygments), make nice links to articles by given slug (fetches title, description from database), insert image thumbnails (integrated with frontend image lightbox) and few more. Makes plain text quite dynamic. More detailed description is on Github.

Changes in django-ckeditor repositories

I'm maintaining my django-ckeditor fork known on PyPi as django-ckeditor-updated. It works with latest Django versions, uses Django file storage, has some new features and fixes. Recently few people including me got write access to the original repository - shaunsephton/django-ckeditor and my commits were merged (not that the PyPi package is still old).

When/if the original package will get new and constant releases I'll close my fork, but until then django-ckeditor-update is alive. If you have any issues or pull requests made on the original django-ckeditor please check if they are still valid for current codebase.