How cool is Lenovo Flex 10 netbook and how to install Linux on 32-bit UEFI system?

The launch of Intel Bay Trail CPUs refreshed the netbook market with small and portable netbooks and convertible devices that offer quite decent amount of performance and new capabilities due to detachable or flippable screen. The only thing Bay Trails lack when compared to ultrabook processors is better GPU.

In this article I'll review a Bay Trail representative, Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 10 and I'll show you how to install (a bit painfully) Linux on it - which requires fighting with unsupported 32-bit UEFI.

Get IMX174 and make it cheaper as a IMX249

IMX174 cameras offer low noise, vertical lines free images at very high framerates with global shutter. Point Grey or Basler cameras with those sensors are now in use mostly for solar imaging, but some also use it on planets. High quality and performance comes at a cost. Grasshopper 3 camera with IMX174 costs around $1300 which is around 4 times the price of cameras like ASI120MM, QHY5L-II or PGR Blackfly similar cameras.

Sony announced a new sensor IMX249, which also showed up on Point Grey Blackfly camera list. Instead of 162 FPS there is up to 41 FPS, but the price may be even less than half of the Grasshopper 3 price. Sensor performance is expected to be very similar to IMX174.

IDAS Type 4 filters for visual and infrared color imaging

Quite recently I got IDAS Type 4 BGR filters. Those filters aren't just plain RGB filters. Aside of imaging in visual light to get RGB images those filters also allow false color imaging in infrared. Each filters passes a band in visible and infrared light. Depending if they are stacked with IR blocking or passing filter they work in one of those two modes. Infrared false color imaging opens new possibilities for interesting imaging of deep space objects as well as planets like Jupiter.

Let me introduce those IDAS Type 4 filters and describe how they work.

Django-ckeditor-updated and django-ckeditor merge

I've released a new version of django-ckeditor-updated covering all latest changes (full ckeditor 4.4.4 package and some inline editor fixes). The django-ckeditor-updated-4.4.4 can be installed from pypi. Note that there is now a new required configuration variable - CKEDITOR_JQUERY_URL.

All outstanding commits have been pushed to django-ckeditor repository (from which I forked) and released as django-ckeditor-4.4.4 (4.4.5 for updated readme). If you are using the "updated" version you can now switch to the django-ckeditor as I plan to make changes there as I now can push pypi releases for it. django-ckeditor-updated is closed.

Chaussette and Circus as a new way to deploy your Django applications

Many Python web applications run on production with the help of gunicorn or uwsgi. There are however other solutions that may turn out to be even better than the currently popular solutions. One of alternatives is chaussette and circus. Chaussette is a WSGI server that can serve WSGI applications like your Django project. Circus is an application to control and monitor processes and sockets. It can manage chaussette, celery or other sockets and processes making it a manager of all project services.