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Ember application structure

Ember.js applications are divided into multiple files and folders. All of which makes sense when we get to know what is where, so lets take a look on Ember application structure.

Setting up ember-cli development environment with ember 2.1

In a series of tutorials starting with this one I'll try to showcase ember.js framework for building fronted web applications. As a backend there will be Django Rest Frameowork and more.

As times change and JavaScript frameworks don't just download to your static folder I'll start with setting up Ember.js development environment with ember-cli.

Check out PyCon PL 2015 agenda

The PyCon PL 2015 will be held in Hotel Ossa Congress & Spa located in Ossa on October 15th through October 18th. The conference is held in Poland but consists of two blocks of talks - English and Polish, so non-Polish speaking attendees can benefit from it too.

The agenda and other details can be found on the conference website.

Diet gaming laptops for casual Witcher 3 gameplay

There were times when new Microsoft Windows version required you to upgrade your whole PC. Nowadays newer Windows versions require less resources and don't really force into upgrades. In 2015 something did required some GPU upgrades, it wasn't Windows 10 but Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

So what if you want to play Witcher 3 on a Laptop. You don't want to use/buy a gaming PC, Xbos or Playstation or a full blown gamin Laptop. What are the options for cheapest laptops that can run Witche 3 at somewhat good, but not high settings?

Squashing and optimizing migrations in Django

With Django 1.7 we got built in migrations and a management command to squash a set of existing migrations into one optimized migration - for faster test database building and to remove some legacy code/history. Squashing works, but it still has some rough edges and requires some manual work to get the best of a squashed migration. Here are few tips for squashing and optimizing squashed migrations.